My Name is Shirl Funk.


I started my financial career on September 11,2001 with Franklin Templeton Investments. In 2009 I began my career in the mortgage industry. I worked for two mortgage brokerages over the first few years before making the move to Dominion Lending Centres where I stayed for a period of five years building great contacts and wonderful friendships.

In 2017 I decided to branch out on my own and took the Mortgage Broker Course and launched Shirl Funk Mortgages Powered by The Mortgage Centre. Along with offering the best mortgage products to all of my clients I offer thorough services covering every important detail in each one of my exceptionally satisfied clients mortgage transactions.

On a personal level I married my soul mate, Glenn Bergen in 2016. Together we have six children and 12 grandchildren that we have brought together to form into one wonderful family. The foundation of what we have is a driving force of what continues to motivate me to ensure I do everything possible to assist my clients to achieve their goals and dreams

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